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5 of the most popular blog types to bust blogging boredom

Blogs that consistently churn out different content in the same way get tiresome. Avoid blogging boredom with these 5 most popular blog types.

5 most popular types of blog ro break up blogging boredom

14 Game changing ways to get traffic to your blog

Not getting traffic from your blog? Here are 14 game changing tips that will get your blog paying its way today.

14 ways to get more site traffic from your blogs

The Power of PR for Businesses

Around 2 billion of the world’s population are on social media. When you consider the declining circulation of traditional print newspapers some clients think I’m crazy when I suggest introducing good, old-fashioned PR into their marketing arsenal.


5 Reasons Your PR Campaign is Failing

A PR campaign can be a relatively high risk strategy. If you manage to secure yourself the long-term, sustained publicity that you hope for it is likely to reward you in spades, however, getting to this point can be tricky. Many companies produce press releases that spout out their news, maybe as they would write an internal memo but this can be the fastest route to the waste basket. Here are 5 of the top mistakes that companies make when launching a PR campaign.

Success vs Failure

Why the World’s Gone Bananas for Minions

With the imminent release of one of the top movies of the year, the appeal of Minions will leave many of those who haven’t invested four hours or more following the adventures of the not-so-evil Gru and his miniature army scratching their heads in confusion.

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