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Quote I found Danielle very pleasant, enthusiastic and easy to get on with. She really gets to grips with the job in hand and proves more than good value for any fee that may be incurred.
I would certainly use Danielle's promotional services again. Quote End

Peter Murray - Author

Copywriting services and copywriters can vary hugely. Some copywriters will just write you the number of words you want for the place you want it to go in. Others take the opportunity to really make a difference. To make your brand more impactful and your message more meaningful.

We offer a full range of copywriting services from blog posts, to PR campaigns; from website design and development, to sales letters or newsletters. Our copywriters aren’t just writers. We are marketers. We know you don’t want great words, you want great sales. It’s this understanding of the bigger picture that makes a difference for our clients.

Where possible we get involved at an early stage with our copywriting projects. This helps us to understand you, your business and your objectives. Then we use this understanding to make each piece of copy in your marketing campaign work with your brand, your imagery, your objectives and your target audience.

Choosing a copywriter

Finding the right copywriter can be a difficult process. Look at several different copywriters. Ask around for recommendations. Then do your research.

Talk to your copywriter

Don’t just get a quote from your copywriter. Take the time to pick up the phone and find out about how they work, what’s important to them and how they will add value to your marketing materials.

Find a copywriter that you trust

It’s not always the cheapest copywriter who will offer the best value for money. You may be lucky enough to find a copywriter who ‘gets you’ first time, but what if you don’t? Some copywriters will require payment or part-payment in advance, some will charge for re-writes and amendments. Try and find a copywriter that will guarantee their work and not charge for re-writes within the initial brief specification. This will not only safeguard your budget but will also prove your copywriter has confidence in their own abilities to deliver outstanding words that you will love.

Get testimonials or request examples

Seeing the copywriter’s work should give you a good idea of whether your chosen copywriter can indeed deliver. If examples of their work aren't available you can of course check out their own website. Is it engaging? Do you want to read on?

Review regularly

Find out how and when you get to review content your copywriter is working on. Are you working to tight deadlines for your copy? If so request a first draft, or a draft of a part of the project before your copywriter completes the project to check you are both on the same page.



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