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Here are just a few of the projects I’ve worked on as a digital copywriter, but if you’d like to discuss my experience writing about SaaS, IT Security software, ERP solutions or something else, just give me a call.

HANDD client webpage
HANDD Case study page
Handd client logo

SEO and delivering value to site visitors was key to content I created for HANDD Business Solutions when they built their corporate site, their specialist data classification website, and their specialist Managed File Transfer website.

Technical understanding was essential, so through a series of interviews and meetings with Product Managers and HANDD’s CTO, I created accessible content underpinned by technical detail.

Website content, landing pages, technical product pages, whitepapers and blogs.

IC resources technology blog
IC res client social post
IC resources client logo

I worked with IC Resources to create content for their new website designed to deliver client and candidate specific user experiences. I also created digital content to enhance their SEO performance with blogs created around targeted key terms.

Website, industry landing pages, service landing pages, blogs, social media content, thought leadership articles.


Pixelnebula product page
Pixelnebula client home page

I worked with pixelnebula to create content for their new website to showcase their impressive client portfolio.

Website content, landing pages, product pages, industry landing pages.


The Oxford Comma

The Oxford Comma

So, what is the Oxford comma and why is it so controversial?
The Oxford comma is a comma in a list that is placed right before the conjunction.