Finding the right words to add colour to your brochures and flyers.©Ian Ransley

Finding the right words to add colour to your brochures and flyers

You need your brochures to sing if they are to generate more customers for you. You could, like many others, use your brochures to tell clients what you do. Or you could use tell what you do different. You need to convince your customers that you understand their problems. And show them there's a solution.

Is your brochure doing the job?

With limited words and space available getting these messages to your consumer effectively can be difficult. A glaring error can change the way your customers see your business. That’s why, when it comes to flyers and brochures it makes sense to get the professionals in.

Would you have a librarian service your car?

Probably not but many companies will ask their salesman to write a corporate brochure or flyer. Your brochure needs to sell but effective copywriting requires a careful blend of skills.

At Complete Copywriting you can get the best of both worlds. Danielle Auld, Director of Complete Copywriting spent years working in sales, trained in blue chip companies and managed multi-million pound territories. This expertise is combined with extensive experience writing marketing resources to create focused sales materials for companies that want to make an impact.


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